About Stepparent Success School

Stepparent Success School is an online course for stepparents and people who are considering becoming stepparents. 

The course was designed to bridge the gap between available resources for stepparents and the real life daily challenges that stepparents face. 

Stepparent Success School is designed to be easy to consume and available to any wide variety of people in a wide variety of situations with one goal...to feel better about themselves and their lives.  

Stepparents are a unique bunch of people. Everybody knows somebody who has a stepparent or is a stepparent or was a stepparent and yet people who are stepparents describe the experience as isolating and lonely.  

The truth is that even though being a stepparent is a common adult family role there is still societal stigma attached to stepparents. This is particularly accurate for women who are stepmoms or stepmothers. 

Stepparent Success School is education, information, strategies and tools for individuals to apply for themselves. It is self-help. For people looking for community and connection we recommend The Village by Imperfect Adulting. 

About Amy

Amy Stone, Stepparent Success School

Amy Stone is the creator of Stepparent Success School.

The. most important and relevant thing to know about Amy as it relates to Stepparent Success School is that she is a real-life stepparent. She has 2 grown stepchildren. She met them when they were young but they are now grown ups. She has over 2 decades of active stepparenting experience. She also has 2 grown children. 

Stepparent mentoring and coaching is a very personal project.

Amy started by coaching stepparents (almost all stepmoms) one by one. Amy quickly decided that while her personal experience was worth knowing (and she loved talking about herself) it wasn't the most important thing to most clients. What other people wanted and needed was education, tools and strategies that would work for them. So when clients asked questions instead of saying, "here's what I did." She began to research and study and learn to offer clients tools that worked for them. Amy has personally coached hundreds of stepparents. This was all done under the brand Amy Says So. 

In 2024 she wanted to reach more people and have a bigger impact so she created the course Stepparent Success School. 

For Amy being a stepparent was a part of her life but not the whole kit and caboodle. She is also a mom. She has various hobbies. She wanted to create a place for community and connection that included stepparents but wasn't just about stepparents. That's how Imperfect Adulting and The Village were created.