Self-Help Tools and Strategies for Stepparents

Everybody tells you that being a stepparent can be tough. Stepparent Success School helps you make it better... for you. Right now. 

why work with us?

What Makes Stepparent Success School Different


The truth is that nobody can do this for you. Which is why hiring professionals only gets you so far. 

Everything inside the program is designed for you to be able to practice and implement on your own, immediately. 

You sign up and you get access. 

Empowerment and Agency

You are the person who is in your family so you are the person who knows what makes you happy and unhappy. 

Stepparent Success School is here to help you make that happen for yourself.

No comparison or death by peer-squad

A lot of "support" for women is really an online echo chamber that might remind you of the mean girls of middle school. 

Stepparent Success School is designed to help you tune into your inner voice and empower you that you can create the family life that you want. 

about us

By A Stepparent For Stepparents

I always say that I had no idea when I met my future husband that 25 years later I would be helping other Stepparents. But here I am. 

Like many helpers I started with my own experience and sharing what I had tried and what had worked and not worked. 

Being a stepparent is not a disease or an illness. It's also not a job. In fact, one reason it is so complicated and important is that it impacts where and how we live at home. It's a part of our life. It's a role that we fill. It's a part of our identity as adults. 

Along the way I learned a lot about coaching, about family and also about how the systems often fail stepparents.

If you want to be a foster get training. If you want to adopt get training. And even when you "have a baby" you get swept up into the system that gives you a little bit of prep. But stepparents...nope. One day I was a single girl living in my own apartment...and then the next day I lived with my boyfriend and every other weekend his kids.

It can be instantaneous and it can be intense. 

If you aren't ready to sign up for Stepparent Success School but want more information go ahead and Grab The FREE Stepparent Survival Kit Here.